Michael Raleigh

Michael Raleigh is the author of nine novels. His newest book, PEERLESS DETECTIVE, will appear in August, 2015 (Diversion Books). His previous books include THE CONJURER'S BOY (Harvard Square Editions), IN THE CASTLE OF THE FLYNNS (Sourcebooks 2002, reprinted 2012) THE BLUE MOON CIRCUS (Sourcebooks 2003) and the five Paul Whelan mysteries (DEATH IN UPTOWN, A BODY IN BELMONT HARBOR, THE MAXWELL STREET BLUES, A KILLER ON ARGYLE STREET, AND THE RIVERVIEW MURDERS, all originally published by St. Martin's Press and re-released by Diversion Books in Febrary 2015). The Riverview Murders won the first Eugene Izzi Award. He has received four Illinois Arts Council Grants for fiction.Along the way to becoming a novelist, Michael worked in a bank, tended bar for many years, operated a punch press in a factory, made microfiche, ran an office for the City of Chicago's anti-poverty program, wrote grants for the Salvation Army, and taught English and Chicago History at Truman College. He currently teaches freshman writing and world literature for DePaul University's Honors Program and First Year Writing Program.Michael is married to Katherine and has three children, Sean, Peter, and Caitlin.
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