Katie Coates

Yes Vote

Building community support, overcoming opposition, and getting approval for real estate developments are challenging, time-consuming and costly endeavors. Developers can overcome these challenges with the hands-on strategies and tactics covered in Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers. Real estate developers must get approval for their real estate developments at a public hearing so that they don’t lose money, lose face, and alienate their investors — or worse. They already know that the public hearing has its own pitfalls. They may even lie awake at night worrying about them. For 25 years, Consultant Katie Coates has been helping her clients get approval at their public hearings, even on projects that have been deemed lost causes or hopeless. In Yes Vote, Katie shares her special blend of analysis, strategy and real-world experience with readers so they can get their approval, too.
In Yes Vote, readers learn how to:
Overcome opposition.Find supporters, even in a hostile environment.Formulate a plan so they have a greater sense of control over their project's destiny.Get elected officials to listen to them instead of only listening to their opponents.Prevail at the public hearing and get approval for their project.
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