Darin Jewell,Conrad Jones

Guerrilla Marketing and DIY Distribution for Your Book IN A DAY

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If you want to sell and market your book quickly and inexpensively, you need to be creative in terms of choosing which retail and promotional paths to take. For starters, you can easily organise a good book trailer. This book explains how to get started, outlines which software platforms are available to you to do so, and details how to add sound and music to your imaginative trailer. Another way to raise money to cover the cost of production and promotion is to upload your book project to a site called Kickstarter, which offers you unique opportunities to secure sponsorship. Furthermore, you can raise awareness of your book by launching a literary-related competition of some sort. These are all various forms of guerrilla marketing, using low-cost unconventional means to sell and market your book.

Still thinking outside the box, which is what imaginative writers do all the time, you can distribute your own books rather than wasting a lot of time, money and energy trying to find a mainstream book distributor to do it for you. In this book, we explain how to distribute your book yourself both online and off, how you can write articles for eZines (online magazines) and how you can sell your book on your website through reciprocal e-tail (online retail) links.
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