We Were Young, Fortesa Latifi
Fortesa Latifi

We Were Young

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This is the second book by Fortesa Latifi.

In her sophomore collection of poetry, Fortesa revisits themes from past writings with a new maturity. We Were Young explores the heartbreaks, hangovers, and hang ups associated with growing up.
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Очень плохая типа поэзия

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scamije podelio/la utisakпре 4 месеца

we are reckless with each other
because we are young and we don't know yet
how damage can last, how it can grow and spread
and unfurl through a life like the roots of a tree
finding its way through the dirt. for now, it's a way
to amuse ourselves, playing games using each other
as discolored stand-ins for who we really wish was
holding our hand. this will do for now because
we are young and we haven't found a way to be brave
about being alone so we use each other in awful ways
and laugh when we wake up and give it a rest until
the weekend rolls around again and our beds feel
so desperately empty that we have to fill them.
this will do for now, but not much longer.
I swallowed love whole like a peach,
juice dripping down my face.
the pit is rotting in my stomach
and here I am.
my body doesn't know how to be a body
without constant reminders.
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