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365 Bible Quotes

Shocking Statistics: An Average American Reads 1 Book a Year and 50% of those are Romance Novels…

Look! I do not know who you are but I am sure you are on this page right now because you are someone who wants more. You are someone who do not settle for average. You see, I totally understand the desire to want to learn and yet dread reading a long and thick book at the same time! That is why we created this book…

More about this book:

The Bible says to love God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind. 
In 1995, the Bible sold more than 5 billion copies, as reported by the Guinness World Record. Not everyone is born a follower of Christ, but those who’ve seen the light, rarely turns back.
The Bible is probably the most important book ever created. It teaches love, spirituality, wisdom and kindness unlike any other books.
The Quotes in Bible are so profound and life-changing because they have such deep meanings and each quotes are so significant to each individual because they all mean different things. 
Maybe a quote that you’ll read in the next 365 days will remind you of why you even began to embrace the teachings of the Bible. Maybe it’ll help you remember something that is deep in your heart… something that you’re grateful for and yet you’ve forgotten it in your busy lifestyle.

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P.S. Here’s another shocking statistic: “50% of American adults can’t read a book written at an eighth grade level.”

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