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Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl

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The story you are going to read was written by a girl. She left this world many years ago. Her secret diary was found after the Second World War. She wrote there all the events which happened to her for the last five years. As you see, this book is based on the real events. After the war had burst, the Jewish family left Germany. The Franks moved to Holland. The father created a successful business there. But the German army invaded Holland in 1942. A new but horrible life began for the Jews. They could go only to some certain shops, had certain time to be in the street and wear yellow stars on their clothes. The father made a shelter in one of his firm's buildings. He felt a disaster. They used it. Eight people were living in the shelter for two years. The only window to the outside world for Anne Frank was a radio. She heard only bad news. One day they got hope. Unfortunately, this hope wasn't to come true for Anne's family.
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    Mother doesn't like me going up there. She says that I should leave Peter alone. She always looks at me oddly when I go to Peter's room. When I come down again, she as
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    From now on, we must be more careful too
  • Абд Байларje citiraoпре 3 године
    From now on, we must be more careful too.

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