Wings of Freedom

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In a time of war, the Opani government needed something to help turn the tides. So who did they turn to? Their scientists. They worked day and night until creating the ultimate weapon — the Enhanced. These were people born with powers no other human had. With the governments approval, they continued to make these soldiers to help win this war.

After the war was won, the government had no need for the Enhanced. So they split them up — some stayed in the military while the others went to special zoos and circuses to entertain the citizens of Opani. This angered the Enhanced but nobody dared fight back. Each place the Enhanced were kept had intense security and severe punishments for acting out. That is until one day, years after the war, a small group calling themselves the Wings of Freedom decided enough was enough. That the Enhanced deserved rights just like any other citizen. And they will be the ones to fight for these rights.
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