Jane Bingham

The Tudors

The Tudor dynasty presided over one of the most dynamic periods in English history, an era that witnessed courtly conspiracies and public executions, religious reformation and exploration. Its fearsome monarchs transformed England from a minor medieval kingdom into a major player on the world stage.
The Tudors reveals the complex personalities behind this powerful family, and the passions and jealousies that spurred them on. From the penny-pinching Henry VII to his profligate, wife-hungry son Henry VIII, and from the religious persecutions of Mary I to the 'golden age' of her sister Elizabeth I, this is a gripping, entertaining romp through a fascinating age.
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    had a grand house in London
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    Henry defied convention by removing his doublet and dancing energetically in his shirt.
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    With their dubious figurehead in place, the rebels prepared to launch an invasion of England.

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