Mitchell Symons

Why Girls Can't Throw

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Warning: the truth can be shocking, seductive, offensive, outrageous…even disgusting!
Are you perplexed by the mysteries of the universe, confounded by the workings of the human body, prone to pondering the great imponderables? At long last, the answers are here for every inquiring mind that's not afraid to face up to the cold, hard facts of life. The author who brought you That Book . . . of Perfectly Useless Information now addresses the quirky, the eclectic, and the essential conundrums of our age in Why Girls Can't Throw . . . and Other Questions You Always Wanted Answered, including:
What's the kindest way to tell a friend he has halitosis?Is it cheaper to send yourself as a package to Australia rather than fly on an airplane?Are there any benefits to smoking?Is it true that Keith Richards used to regularly replace all the blood in his body?
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