Elizabeth Coldwell,Victoria Blisse,Alcamia Payne,Ralph Greco Jr,Viva Jones

Big and Beautiful

A collection of five erotic Rubenesque stories from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Tight by Elizabeth Coldwell:

Eleanor really needs to make a good impression at her job interview, but a mishap at the dry cleaner has left her wearing a suit which is far too tight. It shows off every detail of her voluptuous body, much to the delight of Ryan, who's conducting the interview. He adores curvy figures, and he also knows the best thing to do with a gorgeously big bottom is… spank it!…

The Cherry Picker by Alcamia Payne:

Antonio, has his eye on unctuous Sofia – a cherry picking country girl, who’s as sexy as the cherries she picks, and who has expert cherry picking hands. However, Sofia is a naughty girl and she plays with her own cherry much more than the cherries she occasionally steals from her basket. As the curvaceous and naughty Sofia, leads Antonio on an erotic game through the orchard, Antonio’s determined to pluck Sofia’s personal cherry. But, little does he know that Sofia has an agenda all of her own, and she wants to pluck the cherry from his stem too…

Naked Rain by Victoria Blisse:

It's a rare, hot British summer and when the rain comes curvy Sandra runs out into the garden and gives in to temptation. As she enjoys the caress of the cold raindrops on her hot skin she realises her sexy, younger neighbour is enjoying the same thing and is as naked as herself. Will either of them run and hide or will they come together to enjoy the Naked Rain?

Bessie’s Challenge by Ralph Greco:

Careful what you wish for indeed! Bessie gets her way with showing off more of her magnificent chest than she usually dares as Freddy escorts her round the Medieval role-play convention, as nervous and aroused as she is. The best friends act on a dormant lust, possibly making them closer than they ever dare, all because Bessie likes to show off her round body and Freddy likes looking at it…

Arousal by Viva Jones:

Arousal is a light-hearted, contemporary story about a middle-aged woman, humiliated by her high-profile husband’s infidelity, and how she rediscovers her sexuality and self-confidence by posing naked for a series of increasingly erotic paintings. When an appointment coincides with that of a young black model’s, Eliza’s sexual adventures reach a thrilling new climax: Joshua’s ebony cock was little short of magnificent, Eliza had to admit. Jeremy’s looked like a shrivelled turkey neck by comparison. She is unprepared, however, for the personal triumph that is to come…
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