Enjoy Sex (How, when and if you want to), Meg-John Barker, Justin Hancock
Meg-John Barker,Justin Hancock

Enjoy Sex (How, when and if you want to)

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Plenty of books on sex suggest that it has to be done in a certain way, or in a certain kind of relationship, or with certain people. This isn’t that kind of book. 
Enjoy Sex is a truly practical, friendly guide through the confusing, and sometimes alarming, world of sex and sexuality. Its radical approach puts your experience at the heart of the book, and invites you to explore what might be enjoyable to you.

With the authors’ engaging and thoughtful style, the book challenges the messages we receive about ‘normal’ sex, looks at how to understand and care for yourself, delves into ideas of pleasure for different bodies, ages and tastes, explores relationships, and tackles the tricky topics of communication and consent.

So, throw out the rule book and learn to listen to your own desires. This may just be the most helpful book about sex ever.
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Emil Abdullayev
Emil Abdullayevje citiraoпре 6 месеци
2. You and Sex

Your messages, background and experiences


Being present

Self-touch and solo sex, fantasies, erotica and porn
Артем Малахивский
Артем Малахивскийje citiraoпрошле године
That’s why we like to use the word ‘biopsychosocial’ when talking about sexual experiences.
Alena Davydova
Alena Davydovaje citiralaпре 2 године
When we focus on distinguishing proper from not proper sex, it’s all about which bodies are involved and what they should do to each other. When we focus instead on distinguishing enjoyable from less enjoyable sex, the emphasis is much more on how we relate to ourselves and each other, and what we might like to do. In other words, it’s more about how you do things rather than what you do. This is not to say – of course – that everybody would (or should) enjoy all of the possible sexual activities if they just did them in the right way. Rather it’s about giving us clues about how we can do the things that we prefer in the ways that will be most enjoyable.
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