Patrick King

The Science of Getting Started

Outsmart your lazy and undisciplined tendencies. Become a productivity machine and achieve your goals quickly.

Procrastination is the monster that we are always running from. It lurks around every corner, and can completely sabotage your life. But you can learn to defeat it every time.

A blueprint for getting into motion from a complete standstill. Understand and defeat your psychological blocks.

The Science of Getting Started is a deep dive into our tendency to push things until the last minute possible. It uncovers the biological and evolutionary science behind procrastination, and how we can beat these instinctual drives to triumph in our career and personal life. A plethora of studies are analyzed and put into illuminating contexts.
Best of all, it’s a book of scientific solutions boiled down to everyday usefulness. You’ll be able to apply insight from this book immediately to slay your procrastination monster and get ahead of the pack.

Get started instantly; now; today. Stop saying “I’ll do it later…”

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and entrepreneur. His writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience. He has battled the procrastination monster his entire life and brings proven techniques to you.

Discover discipline, willpower, and motivation that works for you. Defeat your inner sloth. Channel your inner beast.

•A scientific and biological overview of your procrastination habit.
Warning signs to monitor your work ethic.
•Psychological tactics to trigger your brain to productivity.
How to structure and schedule your life to safeguard against procrastination.
•Simple yet effective tactics to get off your butt and into action.
How to beat analysis paralysis and other causes of mental freezing.
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    understanding the psychology behind procrastination and why we can’t seem to do what’s best for us
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