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Robin Hobb

Assassin's Quest

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‘Fantasy as it ought to be written’ George R.R. Martin
The gripping finale to Robin Hobb’s classic Farseer Trilogy.
With the king no longer living and the heir, Verity, missing and declared dead, Prince Regal has treacherously seized the throne.
Regal’s torture has left Fitz more dead than alive, and more closely than ever bonded with his wolf. All who once loved him believe him dead: even Molly, now pregnant with his child. But he cannot go to her without placing her in terrible danger.
With nothing to lose, Fitz sets out for Tradeford, where Regal has withdrawn, having heartlessly abandoned the north of the kingdom to the Red-Ship Raiders. His quest: to assassinate the man who has destroyed his world.
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    He gave a helpless shrug. ‘The feelings of it, mostly. I was exuberant and joyful, for not only was I announcing Realder’s dragon, but he was going to fly me on it. I felt I was a bit in love with him, you know. That sort of lift to the heart. But …’ he faltered. ‘I cannot recall if I loved Realder or his dragon. In my dream, they are mingled … I think

    fitz the fool and nighteyes you silly little things

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    the Fool sat on a stool
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    My thumb rubbed the black stone.

    atp i think they're playing chess i cant tell anymore

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