Lisa Bond

A to Z How to Make Lipstick for Total Beginners

Women have been beautifying themselves for centuries, and we all know that this has been going on at least as far back as Egyptian times when the use of items such as vermilion and coal were immensely popular and widely practiced so women could define their eyes and lips far better. Sure, it was probably to gain the Pharaoh's favor (wink, wink) or perhaps, it was ceremonial, a way to make ourselves feel a bit more glorified in who we were. But isn't that still what we do anyway?

Let's face it (no pun intended…okay, maybe just a little), we definitely love our makeup! Not all women, but a lot of us purchase cosmetics on a monthly, if not weekly, basis, which doesn't come as a surprise now, does it? While we all concentrate on the new shadow or liquid liner out on the market, our pretty pouts are the area often forgotten. Is it because we eat, smoke or sip on a cup of tea all day at our desks and need to reapply constantly? Do we find it a hassle or does it bleed all over our teeth and faces? Is it that we aren't sure of the shade? Maybe some of us find that every product we buy at the drug store makes our lips burn and eventually peel –and no, that is not pretty!

Regardless of all the follies that befall us when we choose to reach for that intimidating little tube of pastel-like color on our vanities before work or an outing, there are times us gals need to slick on a little balm, a blast or color or just want to feel gorgeous. I say to heck with it, right?! Why not join the cult of color and embrace the neglected area of lip color just a little more? Lipstick and glosses aren't just for teenagers and old ladies. And if you're a teenager or an old lady, why not check out a new way to do things? Make some of your own cosmetics with a few things you can grab from your kitchen or the local/online beauty supply store and get to stepping!

Let's start a lip color revolution! The fantastic thing is that if you're using all-natural products you've whipped up on your own, you not only know what's in them, but you can avoid allergic reactions to mystery ingredients you can't pronounce the names of, keep yourself from being exposed to some fairly hardcore heavy metals and other nasty additives and possibly stall the aging and thinning process over time. So skip out on your first Botox appointment for just a few years longer or reject the idea that you need to blow up your gorgeous face and go for the classic.

Sick of seeing all of the disgusting pictures of injections gone awry and dizzied by walls of shades in the cosmetics aisle, I want to take you with me while I try out a few different ways to keep from spending a fortune on lip care products and color while also amp-ing up their appearance with natural ingredients and some of the yummiest scents and flavors I can get my hands on.

So what do you say, girls?! Watch me take on the task and see what I learn, and you never know what you might find out yourself.
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