The Best Mystery & Thriller Books, Laura Lippman, Peter Robinson, Charles Todd, Tim Dorsey, Jennifer Mcmahon, Deborah Crombie, Hallie Ephron, Lisa Ballantyne, Urban Waite
Laura Lippman,Peter Robinson,Charles Todd,Tim Dorsey,Jennifer Mcmahon,Deborah Crombie,Hallie Ephron,Lisa Ballantyne,Urban Waite

The Best Mystery & Thriller Books

New York Times bestselling author and one of the most acclaimed novelists in America today, Laura Lippman, presents The Best Mystery & Thriller eBooks. The perfect download to break in your new device, this free sampler is a curated volume of excerpts from new and upcoming titles from the best Mystery & Thriller authors in the genre. It also includes an excerpt from Laura Lippman's latest novel And When She Was Good and the three bonus short stories that inspired this novel, as well as some insight into the world of Laura Lippman.
The Best Mystery & Thriller eBooks includes:
An Introduction from Laura Lippman
And excerpts from:
Watching the Dark by Peter RobinsonProof of Guilt by Charles ToddThe Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah CrombieThe Riptide Ultra-Glide by Tim DorseyThe Carrion Birds by Urban WaiteThere Was An Old Woman by Hallie EphronThe One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahonThe Guilty One by Lisa BallantyneAnd When She Was Good by Laura LippmanThree Shorts Stories: Scratch a Woman; One True Love; Form 95 by Laura Lippman
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