Mate: The Complete Serial, Violet Haze
Violet Haze

Mate: The Complete Serial

Simone Winston is twenty-two, a single mother, and in love with a faceless man who kept her for two months before setting her free.

After the mysterious, intriguing stranger Isaac Toft leaves her a generous tip, she’s drawn to him despite her reservations and soon he takes over her life all in the name of helping.

When Isaac’s secrets endanger the life of her as well as her child, will he lose the chance to make her forever his?
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Cherish Perry
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Wendy Gaines
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Carina Rita Hansen
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“Yes, Master. Thank you.”
I feel him move my hair to the side and lean close to my ear. “Good girl. I wish you well. And keep your lovely fighting spirit, Cara. Never have I been more proud of a slave in my life, and I’m sorry to see you go

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