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Citati iz knjige „The Sheltering Sky“ autora Paul Bowles

The excitement they felt at having an unknown young man living in the house, particularly if their husband were sleeping with him, was more than they could endure.
Here we say that life is a cliff, and you must never turn around and look back when you’re climbing. It makes you sick.”
I can’t recall why I thought it necessary to kill off my male protagonist in the middle of the book.


In spite of these obstacles, the novel was delivered in a state of good health, and now, after fifty years, is in a livelier condition than its author.
—Paul Bowles
“MORE WOOD!” shouted the lieutenant, looking into the fire-place where the flames were dying down. But Ahmed refused to be prodigal with the wood, and brought in another small armful of the meager, gnarled branches. He remembered the early mornings of bitter cold when his mother and sister had got up long before dawn to set out across the high dunes toward Hassi Mokhtar; he remembered their return when the sun would be setting, and their faces, seamed with fatigue, as they came into the courtyard bent over double beneath their loads. The lieutenant would often throw on the fire as much wood as his sister had used to gather in the entire day, but he would not do it; he always brought in a scant amount. The lieutenant was quite aware that this was sheer recalcitrance on Ahmed’s part. He considered it a senseless but unalterable eccentricity.
By twilight they were pleasantly drunk, disinclined to move out from under their tent. Perhaps it was the sudden appearance of the stars in the square of sky framed by the window, which helped to determine the course of their conversation. Each moment, as the color deepened, more stars came to fill the spaces which up until then had been empty.
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