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Survival First Aid

Survival First Aid covers everything you ned to know about administering urgent medical attention in situations where there is no prospect of immediate professional medical help. To show you how to deal with such emergencies and potentially save someone's life, this comprehensive and indispensible guide provides step-by-step instructions for treating a range of common and less common injuries and conditions, from cleaning a wound to setting a fractured neck.
Key areas include breathing and circulation; healing wounds and stopping bleeding; dealing with head injuries and altitude sickness; treating burns and scalds; mending broken bones, damaged joints and torn muscles; and avoiding poisons and removing foreign objects from wounds. You will also learn how to respond to the problems caused by extremes of climate and temperature as well as how to cope with a range of illnesses, including appendicitis, diaorrhea and malaria.
With tips on injury avoidance and effecting a successful rescue, Survival First Aid ensures that you will be prepared for almost any medical emergency.
—Learn key techniques such as diagnostic procedures, resuscitation and treating shock.
—How to treat cuts and burns and deal with fractures and head injuries.
—How to recognize and avoid poisoning and remove foreign objects from wounds.
—How to cope with problems caused by temperature and climate, from hypothermia to heat stroke.
—Illustrated throughout with more than 150 specially drawn artworks.
—Features self-contained boxes on subjects as diverse as vaccinations, the effects of blood loss, fire safety and rescue codes.
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