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Maya Middlemiss,Pilar Orti

Thinking Remote

A book for managers leading remote teams and for employees who want to make a difference. A concise volume to add to your collection of leadership books.

As more companies adopt remote, flexible or office optional practices, managers and team leaders realise that the transition to a new way of working involves more than making sure that everyone has the right equipment to be able to work from home. It requires a change in mindset and approach.

In this collection of articles gathered together from the Virtual not Distant blog, Pilar Orti and Maya Middlemiss reflect on this transition from a change-management perspective, drawn from their experience of working with leaders of distributed teams.

Each article has been selected to cover one area of remote leadership practice, and is followed by a set of leadership reflections to help you identify your next steps. Considering challenges from wellbeing to technology to communication, this series of articles will empower leaders at all levels to improve their personal practice and their team's performance.
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  • Hlafira Bosovaje citiraoпре 6 месеци
    When objectives are well defined, trust is maintained, and everyone communicates effectively and appropriately – they will not get hung-up on needing to be seen to be ‘busy’ while working remotely. They can just enjoy being truly productive and effective.
  • Hlafira Bosovaje citiraoпре 6 месеци
    f you use shared tools – for example, a Kanban-style board such as Trello or Planner – it’s easy to maintain an overview of what you are working on, which anyone can examine if they want to see the status of something
  • Hlafira Bosovaje citiraoпре 6 месеци
    remote working can greatly improve productivity and focus, especially on deep work tasks.

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