The Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart
Luke Rhinehart

The Dice Man

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To celebrate THE DICE MAN being published in e-book form for the first time, HarperFiction will be living the Dice Life for three weeks.
The price of the e-book will be set each week by the roll of a dice: the lower the roll, the lower the price. But it doesn’t stop there.
Each number on the dice will also correspond to a task or challenge for a randomly selected Dicer to complete. This will be filmed – just to ensure fair play, of course – and broadcast via YouTube and social media.
You can follow the action on Twitter using #diceman, and get involved by sending in your suggestions for tasks.
Let’s roll…
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I'm left with my jaw scraping the floor. Just wow. Everything about this book is incredible to me, from the sexy, childish, disgusting and brilliant moments to the silly notes that would put a smile on my face, it's just the best I've read in a while now. A masterpiece.

he dwelt among us, full of chaos, and falsehood and whim.

он жил среди нас, полный хаоса, лжи и капризов.

Peerman brought charges
ter Four

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