Leslie Margolis

Boys Are Dogs

The book that inspired the Disney Channel movie Zapped, starring Zendaya! When Annabelle returns from summer camp, her life is totally different. She's moving to a new house with her mom's new boyfriend, and that means starting sixth grade at a brand-new school. Birchwood Middle School is very different from her old all-girls elementary-the boys practically run wild in the hallways. And at home, Annabelle's new puppy is taking over the house and chewing on her clothes. But the puppy came with a training manual, so Annabelle might be able to get one thing under control. Unless . . . can you train a boy the way you train a dog?Look for the other books in this series, Girls Acting Catty, and Everybody Bugs Out!
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  • lomo28153je citiraoпре 5 година
    “All of our stuff,” she replied, like it was that simple. “Although there’s still plenty of unpacking to do.”

    “Lucky me,” I mumbled.

    Mom pretended like she didn’t hear. She keeps trying to convince me that the move isn’t a big deal. And for her, it’s not. The new house is in Westlake, almost thirty miles away from our old apartment. She still gets to have her same job, teaching tenth grade English at North Hollywood High School. Plus, she can drive anywhere she wants. I’m only eleven, and my bi
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