The Rhythm Section, Mark Burnell
Mark Burnell

The Rhythm Section

480 štampanih stranica
{"strong"=>["Soon to be a major motion picture, from the producers of the James Bond film series, starring Jude Law and Blake Lively."]}
{"strong"=>["She has nothing to lose and only revenge to live for"]}
{"strong"=>["She thought her life was over…"]}
Stephanie Patrick's life is destroyed by the crash of flight NE027: her family was on board and there were no survivors.
Devastated, she falls into a world of drugs and prostitution — until the day she discovers that the crash wasn't an accident, but an act of terrorism.
Filled with rage, and with nothing left to lose, she joins a covert intelligence organization. But throughout her training and operations she remains focused on one goal above all: revenge.
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