Sydney Smith

The Architecture of Narrative

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The Architecture of Narrative is an inspiration and revelation for every writer who has struggled with the development of their novel. It links character to plot and plot to structure in a unique way. Using two very different sources, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and the movie The Bourne Identity, author Sydney Smith demonstrates how the principles of structure in successful pieces of ction transcend genre and medium. Sydney Smith’s book is the fruit of nearly 20 years spent working with writers as a manuscript assessor and a writing mentor. It is this experience that inspired her to write The Architecture of Narrative.
Writers on The Architecture of Narrative: Sydney Smith’s highly creative approach provides a simple yet comprehensive story-structure framework. It can be applied to any narrative, and will breathe fresh life into characters and plot alike. A great resource for every writers’ bookshelf!
Jennifer Scoullar, author of Brumby’s Run, Currawong Creek and Billabong Bend (Penguin)
I galloped through The Architecture of Narrative, whooping all the way! What a brilliant and incisive approach. I loved the way it was all threaded on the twin works of Pride and Prejudice and The Bourne Identity. This book could teach a budding novelist a great deal.
Peta Murray, Playwright, lecturer
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