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What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Hawaii

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There are six major islands of Hawaii to visit. Many people will plan to take in two in a week's time or perhaps three in ten days, though any of the islands could be circled easily in a day or conversely explored for weeks on their own. While physically not large in themselves, the Hawaiian islands offer an immense range of activity options, from the adventurous to simply taking it easy, and offer up a rich cultural heritage yet with plenty of modernity mixed in. Hawaii serves well as a quick getaway, a trans-pacific stopover, or a place to get away from it all for a while. One thing you'll quickly learn is that things in Hawaii run on 'island time'- why rush yourself in paradise? Hawaii is easy to navigate and you'll find the locals truly happy to welcome you to and show off their beautiful homeland. The weather in Hawaii is pleasant throughout the year with temperatures rarely falling below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Trade winds keep the highs from encroaching into the 90's on the high end of the scale. The ocean water averages typically in the mid 70's, making all variety of activities possible.

What you will find inside:

Are You Ready For a Trip to Hawaii? Welcome to Hawaii! Pre-plan Your Trip Immersing Yourself in Hawaii Oahu- 'The Gathering Place' Maui- 'The Valley Isle' The Big Island of Hawaii Kauai- 'The Garden Isle' Molokai- 'The Friendly Island' Lanai- 'The Private Island' And More…
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