Dale Carnegie

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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Learn how to break the worry habit – Now and forever with Dale Carnegie's timeless advice in hand.
More than six million people have learned how to eliminate debilitating fear and worry from their lives and to embrace a worry-free future. In this classic work, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Carnegie offers a set of practical formulas that you can put to work today. It is a book packed with lessons that will last a lifetime and make that lifetime happier.
The last 1/3 of the book gives you 32 stories of everyday men and women who tell you in their own words how they stopped worrying and started living.
'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' will enable you to:
1: Eliminate fifty percent of your business worries immediately.2: Cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness.3: Lessen financial worries.4: Outlaw many of your worries.5: Turn criticism to your advantage.6: Avoid fatigue and keep looking young.7: Prevent fatigue and worry.8: Add one hour a day to your working life.9: Avoid emotional upsets.
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    May Trinandaje citiralaпре 3 месеца
    I never saw a tired cat, a cat with a nervous breakdown, or a cat suffering from insomnia, worry, or stomach ulcers. You will probably avoid these disasters if you learn to relax as the cat does
    May Trinandaje citiralaпре 3 месеца
    I measure my accomplishments," says Daniel W. Josselyn, "not by how tired I am at the end of the day, but how tired I am not.
    May Trinandaje citiralaпре 3 месеца
    If I am tired, it is not because of the mental work I have done but because of the way I have done it."

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