Maggie Kane

Cowboy Coming


I thought becoming a widow less than two years after becoming a wife would be the most difficult thing I would ever face, but when my late husband's farm hands robbed me blind and left my ranch on the brink of disaster, I had to reconsider. I didn't know anything about running a ranch let alone bringing one back from impending doom. When my banker kindly referred a friend of his to help me turn things around, I gratefully took him up on his offer. From the moment Benjamin Cotter's dusty cowboy boots and well-worn Stetson set foot on the Triple T, I wanted him. It wasn't just the way he filled out his Wrangler's, either. He was everything I didn't know I needed.


I never thought of myself as the kind of guy that would step in to save a widow's ranch. Of course, Joanna Bascom wasn't your typical widow. A transplant to Wyoming, she didn't know a thing about running a ranch. She had backbone, though, and that goes a long way toward making up for not knowing the difference between a bull and a steer. When she asked me to help her save the Triple T, I tried to convince myself that it was out of the goodness of my heart and not because of the hardness in my jeans that I agreed. I found out soon enough that it wasn't just the ranch I was interested in saving.

Jo and Ben combine forces to save the Triple T ranch. Their passion for their project and each other soon boils over. Climb in the saddle and enjoy this short, sexy romp perfect for an afternoon read. Are you ready for a ride?
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