Over the Hills and Far Away, Rob Collister
Rob Collister

Over the Hills and Far Away

‘The whole trail has been orchestrated to make it possible for each one of us, in different ways, to be “touched” by wilderness’
Over the Hills and Far Away is a collection of essays that demonstrates Rob Collister’s thirty-year experience in mountaineering. From solo climbing in the hills of the Carneddau in Wales, to small group expeditions to Carn Etchachan, Forbes ridge and Grosshorn, Rob Collister can be found in the hills, whether it be running, climbing or skiing, inspired by the words of H.W. Tilman and Henry David Thoreau.
This collection of essays tackles the theme of self-sufficient small group expeditions compared to the organised larger-sized ones, as well as displaying the timeless subject of litter disposal in summits by a fresh invasion of the mountains in Snowdonia and the conservation of the wilderness by the creation of schools such as Wilderness Leadership School.
His sense of adventure is shown through his words and passionate descriptions, climbing out of conditions and finding a challenge in Alpine climbing. In Over Hills and Far Away we understand the importance of nature and appreciation of it. This book will expand your knowledge of modern world issues and it will leave you hungry for adventure in the hills.
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