Scent Of Passion, Elizabeth Laphorne
Elizabeth Laphorne

Scent Of Passion

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Book 1 in the Rutledge Werewolves series Sophie Briggs threw caution to the wind for one night, and found herself six weeks later staring at a scary line on her positive home pregnancy test. Now the biggest problem she has to face is whether or not to contact the father, a man she hardly knows. He may not know about her and the baby, but she is learning lots about him. Her nightly dreams are hot enough to ignite the bed sheets! Artemais Rutledge, as Alpha Werewolf for his Pack, had been searching for his True Mate for more years than he cared to think about, and felt certain he had found her that one night with Sophie. His biggest problem is claiming her and making her his for all time. When Artemais finally catches up with her, the sparks certainly fly, but she isn't as pliable as he believed. All he needs is to marry her and settle her in his house with their baby, explain he's a werewolf, and try to stop his brothers from finding out what a tough time he's having of it all. He's certain it will be a piece of cake, if he could simply stop wallowing in her scent and get his head (the one on his shoulders) screwed on straight for more than a few seconds at a time.
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Book 1 in the Rutledge Werewolves series

Sophie Briggs threw caution to the wind for one night, and found herself six weeks later staring at a scary line on her positive home pregnancy test. Now the biggest problem she has to face is whether or not to contact the father, a

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