The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2, Stephen King, Paolo Bacigalupi, Charles de Lint, JANE YOLEN
Stephen King,Paolo Bacigalupi,Charles de Lint,JANE YOLEN

The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2

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A mutant baby goes on a rampage through Central Park. An immigrant reveals secrets in the folds of a perfect gift. Lucky Cats extend their virtual paws to salute a generous revolution. The Internet invades a third-world village.The premier speculative-fiction magazine Fantasy & Science Fiction continues to discover and showcase many of the most inventive authors writing in any genre. Now drawing even more deeply upon F&SF’s impressive history, this extraordinary companion anthology expands upon sixty-five years’ worth of top-notch storytelling. The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume Two is a star-studded tribute to the continuing vision of F&SF.
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But, seeing as how he has been one of the world’s most popular writers through the past four decades, you probably knew that already.

Но, видя, как он был одним из самых популярных писателей в мире на протяжении последних четырех десятилетий, вы, наверное, знали, что уже.

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