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punched cows in the same outfit for years

Что за фразеологизм?

"If a man marries a queen, it oughtn't to make him a two-spot," declared Webb, epitomising his grievances.

Перевести что это может значить

He poured out a third drink that was larger by a finger than the first and second.
Bud allowed a hesitating eye to steal upward and meet Webb's. Webb saw apology in his look, and fancied he saw commiseration
But in Texas discourse is seldom continuous
The two companeros mounted their ponies and trotted away from the little railroad settlement, where they had foregathered in the thirsty morning.
I'm ridin' back to the ranch to-day," he said half-heartedly
When the old man died they commenced to call Santa the 'cattle queen.'
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