Alastair G Henry,Candas F Whitlock

Go For It : Volunteering Adventures on Roads Less Travelled

“GO FOR IT” is a memoir about Alastair and Candas: two retired Boomers who wanted to help make a difference in the world. They met one day by chance, fell in love, and with a shared passion to improve the lives of others, set off on a new path of adventure in travel and volunteering.

“GO FOR IT” also describes their personal journeys, before and after they met.
Follow Alastair and Candas as they shed their material possessions and exchange their comfortable Canadian lifestyle to live simpler lives in lesser developed tropical countries, while helping to improve the lives of others less fortunate.

Read about their work with local NGOs in Kingston, Jamaica; Georgetown, Guyana; and the Eco-Lodges in the Rupununi Rain Forest, and enjoy their adventures in Tobago and Antigua as they explored the islands on roads less travelled.

“GO FOR IT” is an informative, humorous and inspiring read with 40 full color pictures

Read about:
• what it's like to be a volunteer in a developing country.
• how they adapted to their new environment by learning to accept what is • what life lessons they learned from their immersion in a different culture.
• where they went, what they saw and what they did.
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