Bluets, Maggie Nelson
Maggie Nelson


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Maggie Nelson is widely and critically well-regarded as a poet, prose writer and art critic; her works spans various audiences and communities, in academia, art circles and among readers. Maggie Nelson and her work have been profiled in such periodicals as Artforum, Bookforum, the Boston Globe, Modern Painters, The New York Times Book Review and the Village Voice, among numerous other high-profile venues. Bluets is the perfect title for course adoption in the burgeoning MFA/academic field of creative non-fiction/literary essay writing.
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Milena San Román
Milena San Románje podelio/la utisakпре 9 месеци

Beautifully written essay about longing and loss

Fer Silva
Fer Silvaje podelio/la utisakпрошле године

Es hermoso.

Nora de la Cruz
Nora de la Cruzje podelio/la utisakпре 3 месеца
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Cristina Salazar
Cristina Salazarje citiralaпре 2 месеца
was essentially our lives
Nataliaje citiralaпре 2 месеца
or the bright blue tarps flapping over every shanty and fish stand in the world, be, in essence, the fingerprints of God?
Nora de la Cruz
Nora de la Cruzje citiralaпре 3 месеца
Like many self-help books, The Deepest Blue is full of horrifyingly simplistic language and some admittedly good advice. Somehow the women in the book all learn to say: That’s my depression talking. It’s not “me.”
Leo autoras, Liliana M.
Liliana M.
Leo autoras
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Read soon, read fast, Fer Silva
Corpus, Fer Silva
Fer Silva
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