The Gun Seller, Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie

The Gun Seller

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“A skillful mix of Bertie Wooster and James Bond . . . A thoroughgoing pleasure from beginning to end” (Booklist).
From the multitalented British actor, beloved for his roles on Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster, and House, this is a spot-on spy spoof about hapless ex-soldier Thomas Lang, who is drawn unwittingly and unwillingly into the center of a dangerous plot of international terrorists, arms dealing, high-tech weapons, and CIA spooks.
“There is mystery, intrigue, sex, and violence, all of which Lang tosses off with sarcastic wit and remarkable poise. Laurie’s humor hits home. Although the subject is serious, even plausible, much of this comedy-thriller is laugh-out-loud funny.” —Library Journal 
“Suspenseful, hilarious, witty, surprising, ridiculous, and pretty wonderful . . . A delightful novel.” —The Washington Post Book World
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Pain is an event. It happens to you, and you deal with it in whatever way you can.
Pain is an event. It happens to you, and you deal with it in whatever way you can.
When he’d checked the speed, the revs, the fuel, the oil pressure, the temperature, the time, and his seatbelt, twice, he decided he could afford an answer
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