Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic (New Thought Edition – Secret Library), William Walker Atkinson
William Walker Atkinson

Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic (New Thought Edition – Secret Library)

393 štampane stranice
Atkinson's work is widely considered as one of the best among the New Thought publications. All his lessons are funneling into one big aim: how mind can conquer matter. Learn how to train and improve your mind and to train your new powers.


Chapter I. The Mental-Dynamo
Chapter II. The Nature Of Mind-Power
Chapter III. Mentative Induction
Chapter IV. Mental Magic In Animal Life
Chapter V. Mental Magic In Human Life
Chapter VI. The Mentatitve Poles
Chapter VII. Desire And Will In Fable
Chapter VIII. Mind-Power In Action
Chapter IX. Personal Magnetism
Chapter X. Examples Of Dynamic Mentation
Chapter XI. Dynamic Individuality
Chapter XII. Mental Atmosphere
Chapter XIII. Channels Of Influence
Chapter XIV. Instruments Of Expression
Chapter XV. Using The Mentative Instruments
Chapter XVI. Mental Suggestion
Chapter XVII. Four Kinds Of Suggestion
Chapter XVIII. How Suggestion Is Used
Chapter XIX. Induced Imagination
Chapter XX. Induced Imagination In India
Chapter XXI. The Ocean Of Mind-Power
Chapter XXII. A Glimpse Of The Occult World
Chapter XXIII. Self Protection
Chapter XXV. Mental Therapeutics
Chapter XXVI. Mental Healing Methods
Chapter XXVII. Mental Architecture
Chapter XXVIII. Making Over Oneself
Chapter XXIX. Mind-Building
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Waves, Air and Aether
The particles combine by reason of some inherent "attraction" existing between certain of them, known as "chemical affinity," etc. Chemical affinity is a peculiar thing - it manifests in likes and dislikes, loves and hates; it is impossible to study these manifestations without recognizing an elementary manifestation of "like and dislike" - "love and hate." You think that this is far fetched, do you? Well, listen to these words from some of the leading scientists about this power to receive sensations, and power to respond to the same, and maybe you will change your mind. Haeckel, the great German scientist, holds that the atoms of which matter is composed may "receive sensations," and "respond to sensations." He dwells upon this fact in his latest works "The Riddle of the Universe," and "The Wonders of Life," and writes as follows regarding "sensation in the inorganic world": "I cannot imagine," Haeckel says, "the simplest chemical and physical process, without attributing the movements of the material particles to unconscious sensation
And, now, having confessed your ignorance and mine, let us proceed to a consideration of Mind-Power as known by its activities. In the first place, let me say that I do not hold that Mind-Power is identical with mind. Rather does it seem to me to be correlated to mind, particularly in the operation of mind known as desire, will, and imagination. If you like, we may consider it to be the acting aspect of mind. Mind has three aspects - the aspect of being, or substance; the aspect of thought, with the sub-divisions of reason, feeling, emotion, desire, will, etc., on both conscious and subconscious planes; and third, the aspect of ACTING. And it is in this aspect of action that mind is known as Mind-Power.
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