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Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

Maxims and Reflections

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    it is really the motive which is chiefly worth attention.
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    Herein we must exercise our tact; otherwise in the very way in which we have won the favour of mankind, we run the risk of trifling it away again unawares. This is a lesson which a man learns quite well for himself in the course of life, but only after having paid a dear price for it; nor can he, unhappily, spare his posterity a like expenditure.


    Love of truth shows itself in this, that a man knows how to find and value the good in everything.


    Character calls forth chara
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    Our plans and designs should be so perfect in truth and beauty, that in touching them the world could only mar. We should thus have the advantage of setting right what is wrong, and restoring what is destroyed.

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