Christos Christou

Triathlon, Loving it is easy

Swim, Bike, Run. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In the quest for understanding this beautiful and increasingly popular sport, “Triathlon. Loving it is easy” is the definitive starter’s book for the aspiring triathlete.

This comprehensive, easy to follow guide is packed with practical ways that will help you:

• Understand the sport of triathlon
• Understand how you fit into this discipline, regardless of your physical condition
• Comprehend how each discipline functions and learn how to properly run, swim, bike and transition
• Understand how you can improve your performance 
• Train properly, train prudently, train efficiently
• Develop a training plan best suited to your needs, goals, and capabilities
• Prepare for your first race
• Help you avoid common mistakes that are both costly and time-consuming,

and last but not least,

• Realize your full potential and enjoy yourself in the process!

“Triathlon. Loving it is easy” was written by a man who has lived and breathed sports all his life and triathlon for the last 15 years. As a member of his country’s national team he has competed in numerous triathlon events throughout Europe. Christos’s book was the first of its kind written in Greek. Now in its revised 3rd edition, it has created a craze for triathlon throughout the Greek world.

“Triathlon. Loving it is easy” covers all areas of the sport including:

• Principles of Athletic training as well as the mission of every physical education teacher
• A short history of the sport; formats and distances
• SWIMMING; Basics of the freestyle technique, swimming exercises, proper kit 
• CYCLING; Techniques, styles, exercises, kit
• RUNNING; Run more efficiently and avoid injuries
• Three in one
• Training program
• Basic parameters for a training schedule
• Training technique
• Examples of training programs
• Strength training for Triathlon 
• Do pre-race jitters help performance?
• Transition, the fourth discipline 
• Common gastrointestinal issues
• Missed workout guilt
• Your first race

And more…

Apart from a wealth of athletic and scientific information, Christos shares his personal experiences with a sense of humor and honesty rarely seen in sports books.

Christos is not only an accomplished author; he is a physical education professional but above all else, he is a triathlete.

Who better to guide you in your exciting journey than a fellow sports enthusiast?


Here are some comments:

“I am very glad to see just how many people have benefited from this book and to see how successful it has been in bringing so many new people closer to our favorite sport”

Vassilis Krommidas, World youth Ironman record holder


“Christos knows all the difficulties and technical specifics of running, swimming and cycling, since for him triathlon is a way of life“

Hon. Prof. Ouranios M. Ioannides, President — Cyprus Olympic Committee


“…a committed, pioneering work based on solid scientific knowledge of the subject, enriched by intense personal experiences… this book is an important guide for people who are looking for different sports disciplines and hoping to try something new…”

Pambos Stylianou, President — Cyprus Sports Organisation
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