R.M. Lewis

The Top 50 Outdoor Cross Training Workouts You Can Do at Home

Millions Now All Over the World Are Reaping The Health Benefits of Cross Training!

Are you struggling to lose weight or build muscle? Are you bored from the usual workout routine everybody does?

If so, cross training is perfect for you. And now you can do it at home with no equipment at all.

Cross training may be the absolute best and most effective way to improve your overall fitness level and health. It is a series of varied functional movements taken from weightlifting, gymnastics, running and more, all performed at a high intensity. All workouts are easily measurable for you to see and keep track of your progress. There is an infinite number of cross training workouts you can create which means you never have to get bored of doing the same routine every time you work out at the gym.

In this Book You'll Learn:

- The 50 best outdoor cross training workouts you can do at home

- Basic terms and common phrases in the fitness community

- How to do all the different cross training exercises like hollow rocks, L-sit holds, supermans, flutter kicks and many others

- Tips on how to improve your cross training performance

- And Much, Much More!

ALL of the cross training workouts in this book can be done at home and require NO gym equipment!

The 50 cross training workouts in this book are a mixture of beginner, intermediate level and expert level workouts. Make it a challenge to perform all 50 workouts!

This will literally get you in the best shape of your life and help you lose weight or gain muscle, depending on what your goal is. The improvement you see your 2nd time through these 50 workouts will be incredible.

So Scroll Up, Click the Buy Button, and Get Your Copy Now!
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