Anthony Ekanem

Positive Thinking

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    You will have to fully immerse yourself into positive thinking. You will have to surround yourself with positive influences. You have to be very focused on the positive and be committed to pushing away the negative.
    Here are some things you can try to bring a positive spin to your life and make positive thinking easier:
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    Do not give up, though, if you start to find yourself making excuses. Just learn to be aware of this common tactic your brain has to try to keep the negative hanging around.
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    Try to identify what is really going on and why you feel you need to make the excuse. Are you just trying to sneak in a negative thought and trying to explain to your positive side why it is okay? This is common, especially when a person is just beginning to use the power of positive thinking.
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    put the power of positive thinking to work in your life, you have to get rid of the excuses. If you feel that you are about to make an excuse, then stop. Think about why you are making the excuse. What are you going to get from it? What benefit does
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    Excuses are something that can make your mind think it is doing positive things when it really is not. An excuse will just make you think you are okay and not being negative at all, but in reality using an excuse is just a negative thought in disguise.
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    Smiles have a way of effecting people. One smile you give a stranger could prove to be just the motivation someone needs to be cheerful that day instead of grumpy. You never know.
    Besides being contagious, a smile tells others you are happy. It says you are having a good day and you want to share that with them. A smile is powerful body language.
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