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David Laws

Her Private War

“I just loved this book. Full of surprises and twists and turns!” —Amazon reviewer, five stars
A woman of humble origins fights to overcome every obstacle to pilot a plane in World War I Britain, in a novel by the author of The Fuhrer’s Orphans . . .
Being female means that Charlotte Dovedale’s dreams are likely out of reach. Her mother is eager to support Charlotte’s brother in his quest to join the newly formed Royal Flying Corps, but Charlotte is left to channel her energy into the suffragette movement.
When she meets upper-class Scott Fanshawe, though, he opens a door for her: teaching her to fly. It soon becomes clear that Charlotte has not only the skill, but the bravery required for aviation. However, when she finally earns her pilot’s license, the Great War breaks out and threatens to keep her grounded. It will take all of Charlotte’s daring and determination to succeed and soar—in a risky adventure that will put her face-to-face with the enemy . . .
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