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Nick McDonell's electrifying novel tells the story of a fictional drug called Twelve and its devastating effects on the beautiful rich and desperate poor of New York City.From page one, this novel pulsates towards its apocalyptic climax. Twelve is cool, cruel and utterly compulsive.
Twelve has been adapted for film by Hollywood director Joel Schumacher starring Chace Crawford,
Emma Roberts, and 50 Cent.

Praise for Twelve
'As fast as speed, as relentless as acid' — Michiko Kakutani, New York Times

'The hype is all true' --Sunday Telegraph
'Bret Easton Ellis territory…an extraordinary assured debut' --Harper & Queen
'McDonell is an authentic talent and, long after the storms of hype have died away, his novel will endure as a snapshot of his generation' --Observer
'Consistently brilliant… One of the most exciting new writers around' --Independent on Sunday
'A brilliant satirical debut' --Time Out 'A compulsive elegy to wasted, privileged youth, lives up to the hype… lean, elegant and bleakly witty' --Elle
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