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Stephen Fleming

The Medicinal Mushroom Starter Handbook

Through trial-and-error and observable outcomes, our ancestors narrowed the field of edible mushroom candidates to just a few with remarkable, health-supporting properties.

— Paul Stamets

Since time immemorial, Mushrooms have assisted humans in a better and healthier life.

A testimony to a symbiotic relationship is the remains of "Otzi The Iceman."

Mummified remains of a man believed to be frozen in ice around 3300 BCE were discovered around the Alps in 1991. This fully preserved specimen had two different species of mushrooms with him!

This book is your concise guide to every first-hand information you need about Medicinal or Healing mushrooms before taking help from a professional practitioner.

It shortens your learning curve and gives you all the essential information which would have taken a few months of research.

The pandemic has given many perspectives to individuals, health professionals, and respective regulatory bodies, and it may accelerate research in this fascinating field.

It dives into:

Historical instances of the use of Medicinal Mushrooms in various civilizations

Meet 18 different Healing Mushrooms

What are their respective healing powers, news about ongoing research

How to Forage main Medicinal Mushrooms in the wild

Usage and storage tips

Healthy Recipes

Frequently Asked Questions


Get your copy today and meet these awesome Healing Mushrooms!
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