Kathy Brown

Dry Herbs At Home

Savor Home Grown Summer Flavors All Year Round By Knowing How To Dry Herbs!

Drying herbs is easier than you think! You will never have to buy dried herbs again after trying one or more of the methods for drying herbs at home covered in this book.

Yes! You read right. Drying herbs at home is as simple as ABC!

Drying herbs is a cost-effective savvy food preservation technique because dried teas and herbs are on the high side at grocery stores. Home dried herbs tastes better than store bought own because they are newer and more pungent. If you are into your own herbs, you have the liberty of choosing tastiest varieties.

This book covers the following:

When to harvest herbs (including seeds and flowers)
How to harvest herbs (including seeds and flowers)
Herbs to choose for drying
Methods to use for drying herbs comfortably at home
How to store and use dried herbs
How to make a scented fire starter at home with dried herbs.
How to preserve herbs for best flavor

Grab A Copy Now To Simplify Your Gardening Lifestyle.
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