Lunewulf Law, Lorie O'Clare
Lorie O'Clare

Lunewulf Law

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Book 1 in the Lunewulf series.
An unexpected human attack on a lunewulf pack has led to devastating losses, leaving the pack with very few single females old enough to mate. Drastic measures must be taken. Lunewulf law goes into effect, stating that every female shall have three males for her mates. If the matings aren't consummated in thirty days, the males die.
Nik Alexander knows Sophie Rousseau is his. The entire pack knows it. He's sniffed after her since high school, and now it's time to approach his pack leader and ask that Sophie be his mate. But with the new law in effect, Nik must share Sophie with two other males.
Nik is an honorable lunewulf. He won't turn away from his pack. As much as he wants to rip the throat out of his pack leader, he will respect the new law. Lukas Kade and Jonathan Abram may have Sophie, but only under Nik's terms.
Reader Advisory: This story contains a scene of menage-a-trois sex.
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