Wang Gungwu,Ying-shih Yu,Chen-Ning Yang

Lee Kuan Yew Through the Eyes of Chinese Scholars

<!-- <description> -->Lee Kuan Yew through the Eyes of Chinese Scholars is a compilation of essays by highly-respected Chinese scholars in which they evaluate the life, work and philosophy of Lee Kuan Yew, founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Presenting a range of views from a uniquely Chinese/Asian perspective, this book provides valuable insights for those who wish to gain a fuller and deeper understanding of Lee Kuan Yew — the man, as well as Singapore — his nation.
Marking the momentous event of his death as well as the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence in 2015, this compilation reflects both the high regard in which Lee Kuan Yew is held across the Chinese-speaking world as well as the reservations of a few. The contributors are all ethnic Chinese from different academic disciplines ranging from a Nobel laureate in physics, Chen-Ning Yang, to historians, economists and political scientists. They include Singaporeans such as Wang Gungwu and Chew Cheng Hai, as well as scholars from China, the US and Hong Kong such as Yongnian Zheng, Ying-Shih Yu, Lawrence Lau and Hang-Chi Lam among others.
Originally published in Chinese, this English translation makes the material accessible to a wider English-reading audience.
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Contents:ContributorsPreface to the English EditionChen-Ning Yang on Lee Kuan YewSingapore: What We Have Overlooked and Misinterpreted (Cai Dingjian)A Hardworking, Unflagging Student — Remembering Our Founding Father, Lee Kuan Yew (Chua Chee Lay)Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore (Chen Kang)A Review of the Singapore Story (Du Ping)Amartya Sen Deconstructs Lee Kuan Yew's “Asian Values” (He Aiguo)Lee Kuan Yew and His Singapore (Lam Hang Chi)Lee Kuan Yew's Thoughts on Talent and Singapore's Development Strategy (Liu Hong and Zhang Huimei)Lee Kuan Yew, a Man of the Century (Lawrence J Lau)Lee Kuan Yew's Passing Marks the Real Beginning of the Post-Lee Kuan Yew Era (Lü Yuanli)Lee Kuan Yew: History, Heritage and the Idea of Singapore (Wang Gungwu)A Final Gift (Su Guaning)Lee Kuan Yew's Political Theories (Yu Ying-Shih)Lee Kuan Yew's Pragmatism (Zhang Jun)Lee Kuan Yew and the Politics of the Post-Colonial World (Zheng Yongnian)Lee Kuan Yew and the Teaching of Chinese (Chew Cheng Hai)<!-- </contents> --><!-- <readership> -->
Readership: English readers interested in how Chinese scholars view Lee Kuan Yew.
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