Scott Tierney

Strange Times

Strange Times compiles ten short stories of fantasy, science-fiction and wonder, ranging from the darkly comical Eight Over Four, set in a world which is overpopulated with giant human-sized spiders; to the altogether more thought-provoking Outlawry, where radical new laws result in a dystopian hotbed of opportunism, for the punishment for crime is now crime itself.
Also included are two previously unpublished stories exclusive to this collection: Give Us Your Smile, which describes a surreal situation where smiling becomes mandatory, and Don't Touch That Dial.
Strange Times also features The Rings of Yesteryear and The Pause, two stories set in the expanded universe of the author's epic time-travelling adventure, Tomorrow Is Another Year.
In times as strange as these, this is a collection not to be missed!
252 štampane stranice



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