The Awakened City – Swords of Men and Angels Volume 1, Arturo Miriello
Arturo Miriello

The Awakened City – Swords of Men and Angels Volume 1

In the early days of Earth's history, humanity grew in numbers and quickly spread across the lands subduing everything before them even the great dinosaurs.

With increasing imagination of the arts and the shaping of stone, they built great cities of magnificent splendour. They mastered the forging of steel and the making of great weapons of war.

They gathered into armies and conquered with war. Slowly they forgot their maker as their pride led to evil desires.

As the sons of Cain increased in wickedness, the sons of Seth stood against them with great faith in their Creator. Stories turned to legend as one sword rose to infamy. Said to be forged by the hand of God, many believed it gave the wielder great victories and a chance for immortality.
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