Greatest Russian Fairytales & Legends (Illustrated Edition), Valery Carrick, Nisbat Bain, W.R.S.Ralston
Valery Carrick,Nisbat Bain,W.R.S.Ralston

Greatest Russian Fairytales & Legends (Illustrated Edition)

This carefully crafted ebook: “Greatest Russian Fairytales & Legends (Illustrated Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.

The Russians very well know how to weave intriguing stories that keep readers hooked till the end. This ebook represents a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated collection of some of the finest Russian fairy and folk tales for people of all ages:

Picture Fables for the Little Ones:

The Cock and the Bean

The Goat and the Ram

The Hungry Wolf

The Peasant and the Bear

The Dog and the Cock

King Frost

The Bear's Paw

The Bear and the Old Man's Daughters

The Straw Ox

The Fox and the Blackbird

Fairy Tales:


Fire Bird

Winged Wolf

Self-Playing Harp

Seven Brothers


Story of the Golden Mountain

Robber Nightingale

Renowned Hero

Mild Man

Duck with Golden Eggs

Bulat the Brave

Tsarevich and Ivashka with White Smock

Knight Yaroslav and Princess Anastasia

The Golden Mountain


Flying Ship


Tsarevich Ivan

Tale of Little Fool Ivan

Little Feather of Fenist

Peasant Demyan

Enchanted Ring

Brave Labourer

Sage Damsel

Prophetic Dream

Two Out of the Knapsack

Marko and Vasily

Muscovite Folk Tales:

The Fiend

The Dead Mother

The Dead Witch

The Treasure

The Cross-Surety

The Awful Drunkard

The Bad Wife

The Golovikha

The Three Copecks

The Miser

The Fool and the Birch-Tree

The Mizgir

The Smith and the Demon

Ivan Popyalof

The Norka

Marya Morevna

Koshchei the Deathless

The Water Snake

The Water King and Vasilissa the Wise

The Baba Yaga

Vasilissa the Fair

The Witch

The Witch and the Sun’s Sister

Emilian the Fool

Witch Girl

Headless Princess

Soldier’s Midnight Watch



Fiddler in Hell

Ride on the Gravestone

Two Friends



Two Corpses

Dog and the Corpse

Soldier and the Vampire

Elijah the Prophet and Nicholas

Priest with the Greedy Eyes

Hasty Word…..
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