Violet Haze


Filthy rich, with the world at my fingertips and every imaginable pleasure only a whisper away, the notion of settling down is outrageous, especially in an arranged marriage with a high-profile socialite. Yet, here I am, roped into a PR scheme crafted by my company's board to polish my less-than-stellar public image.

The objective is simple: show up and play the part, while keeping my bachelor lifestyle under wraps. But life, with its ironic sense of humor, knocks me off guard, as the charade leads to an unexpected reunion with my childhood crush and the one who got away.

Now, juggling two women under the scrutinizing public eye becomes a high-stakes game. As I've never been much for playing by the rules, the real test isn't keeping up with appearances—it's figuring out how to handle the twists and turns of my feelings without everything falling apart. Can I keep this act going, or am I the one who's going to end up in over his head?
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