The Collector, John Fowles
John Fowles

The Collector

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Rarely does a publisher introduce a novel of such devastating power.

We invite you to open the first page of The Collector.

We believe you will be compelled to read on.

He tells the story first — Frederick Clegg, an obscure little clerk and a collector of butterflies who one day goes on to net his finest specimen, Miss Miranda Grey, a soft, lovely twenty-year-old.

In his colorless yet curiously expressive words, he tells of the months in which he stood by the office window and watched for the beautiful Miranda whenever she was home from art school. Then Frederick Clegg suddenly wins a fortune in a football pool and devises an ingenious way to make his dream come true:

I thought, I can’t get to know her in the ordinary way, but if she’s with me, she’ll see my good points, she’ll understand. There was always the idea she would understand. I only wanted to do the best for her, make her happy and love me a bit.

He buys a secluded country house and, when all preparations have been made, kidnaps Miranda from outside her apartment in London.

The body of the novel concerns the two months during which Miranda is held prisoner in the cellar of the house. The story is revealed first as he tells it, then as she secretly records it in a diary which begins:

It’s the seventh night.

Deep down I get more and more frightened. It’s only surface calm.

Waking up is the worse thing. I wake and for a moment I think I’m home or at Caroline’s. Then it hits me.

I don’t care what he does. So long as I live.

It’s all the vile unspeakable things he could do.

Power. It’s so real.

Try try try to escape.

It’s all I can think of.

A remarkable feat of imagination, THE COLLECTOR is a novel of disquieting perception whose cumulative effect is all too memorable.
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What a story!

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though I say it myself

хотя я говорю это сам

to take butterflies living like the famous Mr. S. Beaufoy
hair in a long pigtail. It was very pale, silky, like Burnet cocoons. All in one pigtail coming down almost to her waist, sometimes in front, sometimes at the back. Sometimes she wore it up. Only once, before she came to be my guest here, did I have the privilege to see her with it loose, and it took my breath away it was so beautiful, like a mermaid.
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