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Outdoor Life: Hunting & Gathering Survival Manual

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The Special Forces expert presents the ultimate guide for surviving anything with skills, info and scenarios from natural disasters to armed insurrection.
In an increasingly unstable world, anticipation and preparation are crucial to your survival chances. Whether you find yourself facing a sudden quarantine, an armed assailant, or a deadly tornado, The Ultimate Survival Guide has you covered. This comprehensive guide is packed with practical tips, crucial skills, devastating scenarios, and real-life survival stories that could help save you and your family in case of an emergency.
A frequent contributor to Outdoor Life magazine, Richard Johnson is a former special forces soldier, EMT, volunteer firefighter, and US Coast Guard instructor. Now he shares his considerable knowledge and experience on the subject of survival whether it’s out in the wild, during a disaster, or in the midst of an urban crisis.
With this guide, you’ll learn how to avoid airborne diseases, clean chemical spills and treat poisoning victims. And you’ll have detailed instructions on things like making your own bow and arrow, harvesting Aspirin from tree bark, generating your own power, and starting a car with a screwdriver.
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